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We provide Balloonists, Face painters and Clowns nationwide - throughout the USA and throughout Canada!
Our Clowns in the San Francisco Bay area...

Child-friendly Clown! Performs magic show, Professional face painting, dancing with the children, and balloon twisting for all!

Sparkles The Clown

Child-friendly Clown! Performs magic show, balloons, face painting, singing with the children!

Lani The Child-friendly Clown

Child-friendly Clown! No face make-up - just fun clothes, a very friendly performance: magic show, balloons, face painting, singing with the children!

Ima Clown
(Formerly "Rocky The Clown")

English, or Español! Balloons, face-painting, magic! GREAT with kids!

Balloons in 30 different colors, and includes lions & tigers & bears, flying butterflies, hearts, alien heads, hats... lots more!

In Sacramento, California:

Gi Gi the child-friendly Clown! She performs most all skills and will have your children laughing!

In North Sacramento/Yuba City area:


Magic, face painting & balloons! She hails from Yuba City, but travels as far north as Chico, as far south as Sacramento as far east as Grass Valley / Nevada City and as far west as Colusa.

e-mail us about Pom Pom today!

Chiquy-Boom The Clown

Magic show with music!, games, face-painting, balloons. Speaks Spanish, too!

Also does Princess, Indian, Hawaiian Girl!

We also provide bubble shows in San Jose!

Loveee The Clown

Magic, face-painting - even a parachute for the kids!

We also provide bubble shows in Martinez!

The Clown

Also "The Bubbles Girl"! Performs magic, balloons, face painting. She can also sing and/or play games with the children.

In Sacramento & the Woodland areas:



The best face-painting you're ever seen! Balloons, too! (she won 2nd place (out of 45) in a Sacramento Balloon Festival)

See her video demo! We also provide bubble shows in Sacramento!

Penney The Clown

In the Lake Tahoe/Sacramento area. Penney was voted "Bay Area's Best Children's Entertainer" by San Francisco Focus Magazine!

Whimsical & wacky, Penney has entertainment and other characters for EVERY event - large or small!

Twinkles The Clown

A Magic Show to Twisty Balloons,
With her guitar she'll sing a tune!
She's the Best Face Painter in this here town,
That's how she's known as "Twinkles the Clown!"

Funnybone The Clown

Balloons, magic, & face-painting, too - and he arrives in his Clown Car!!

His award-winning balloons have been featured on Evening Magazine and the movie "Patch Adams".

Offers a full 30 minute funny action-packed comedy magic show. (when we say "funny", we mean funny!) He is a great "slight of hand" magician.

Buttons The Clown

Balloons, juggling, silly magic, storytelling & more. (does not face Paint).

When a Clown is too much, he does "Rudy The Twister" - he comes in black pants, nice shirt, and bright vest.

He's won awards in various Clown competitions and played the Midway at Circus Circus, Las Vegas.

Crackers The Clown

Balloons, magic, games & face painting!

Having over 10 years experience as a Professional Clown, Crackers is sure to be a hit!

Also is a Bunny Rabbit (Easter Bunny)!

Lulu The Clown

Performs magic, balloons, face painting. Formerly a preschool Teacher, so she knows the kids!

Sunny The Clown

Child Participation – Her Specialty!
Funny Magic Shows & Quality Face Painting.

Our Clown in Westchester, NY and the surrounding areas. Need a Clown in Yonkers? Sunny is your Clown!

Scooter the Clown, Danville CA

She is the "Clown around town" for Danville to Martinez!

e-mail us for availability & quotes!

We provide Clowns all along the I-680 corridor! Ask us about Giggles the Clown! We also provide bubble shows in the East Bay and Pinnensula!

Looking for a Clown in Orange County or Anaheim, CA? We have them! e-mail us for availability & quotes!

Are you a Clown? Want your photo here?

Clowns in Florida! We have Clowns in West Palm Beach; Clowns in Lake City; Clowns in Orlando - e-mail us today for availability & quotes on a Clown in your town in Florida!


For a great theatrical drama presentation, see our "Admiral Une! from the planet Altoid". this is theatrical entertainment that's out of this world!

This show is in Cleveland, Ohio, and thrills all ages!

e-mail us today for availability for your next event! She performs for Schools, children's parties, and any event you can imagine!

Na-nu, na-nu.

We also provide bubble shows in Cleveland!

Serving Santa Rosa (to San Jose), California:



Speaking Spanish as well as English, Buki performs a very funny child-friendly Magic Show, Pace-Painting, Balloon Animals.

e-mail us for her availability and rates!

We also provide bubble shows in San Jose!


Face painting, magic, balloons, puppets. A premier Entertainer!

Twink is one of the most popular entertainers in the area, often being booked by the same families 4 & 5 years in a row! Every party is different. She has many characters to chose from depending on your theme, the setting, & the ages of the kids.

Twink's parties come in 3 parts. The first part is Face Painting to accommodate the early birds & to get to "know" the kids. Then she packs that away & does an interactive comedy magic show using the birthday child's special magical abilities. The the final part she twists balloon animals for everyone, passes out coloring pages, and presents. She comes with music but needs a table & 2 armless chairs set-up for the face painting.

We also provide bubble shows!

The Clown

Face Painting, Balloons, Magic, Puppets - is best up to age 7.

Babe The Clown

For "big kids" or small, Babe feels at home with your event!
(In the San Jose, CA area.)

Maggie The Clown

Makes balloons, does juggling, face painting and much more! Formerly of Ringling Brothers Circus!

In the Hartford, Connecticut area, she also serves Boston, MA.

We also provide bubble shows in Cleveland!

Boswick The Clown

He juggles, he's a Mime, he's a Comic!

See much more about Boswick!

Spunky The Clown

Servng San Francisco's East Bay only (Walnut Creek area), she performs magic, balloon sculptures, face painting, and games.

We also provide bubble shows in Walnut Creek!

Looking for a Clown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Buttons The Clown

Performs Magic, balloon animals, fun (temporary) tattoos and face painting.

We also provide bubble shows in Philadelphia!

Looking for a Clown in Los Angeles, California?

Rockie The Clown

She's worked for over 10 years performing for kids! Her stage presence, charisma and ability to think quickly on her feet make her kids' shows entertaining for parents as well. She has been a Clown for the L.A. Dodgers for 8 years!

  • Balloon animals & shapes: you name it, Rockie can create it! Little boys become knights and little girls become warrior princesses with balloon swords and crowns. Rockie makes giant flowers, dogs, bunnies, giraffes, and more!
  • Comedy magic show: Involves the children directly in a wacky, wild magic show!
  • Bubbles: Beautiful, long-lasting snow bubbles that fill the room. Children play in them to music.
  • Parachute Game & Magic Tunnel: Fun physical activities with music.
  • Face Painting with Glitter! - Dinosaurs, lions, butterflies, ...
  • Zany puppets and singing for kids 2 - 6 years.

e-mail us for availability and prices for your event! We also provide bubble shows in Los Angeles!


Magic, balloons, face-painting, gift for the birthday boy/girl, prizes, candy. Speaks Russian & also performs Chinese and Spanish events! Simply amazing!


Face and hand painting, parachute, magic, balloon sculpture, storytelling, songs, games for all ages, hand puppets & orchestrates the limbo & the tunnel.

In Los Angeles:

Lovee The Clown

At rates starting at only $95*, she performs balloons, face-painting & lots of fun!

* Price is dictated by event date, ailability, and skill(s).

In Los Angeles & San Diego:

Sparkles The Clown

Child-friendly Clowns! Perform magic, balloons, face painting, singing with the children - and more!

In Sacramento, CA:

2-Shoes The Clown

For the best in face painting, she is the Clown for your party! She also makes balloons!

In Vallejo:

Betty the Birthday Party Clown

She will give you the best in family entertainment! San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Face painting, balloon twisting & magic show.

e-mail us today for prices and availability!

In Vacaville, CA:


Kelly has worked with Earl Chaney (the ORIGINAL Ronald McDonald®)!

Performs Jump-rope, Balloons, Magic, Face Painting.

We also provide bubble shows in Vacaville!

San Diego Clowns!Looking for a Clown in San Diego, California? How about a Clown in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, or a Clown in Toronto, Ontario or Montreal, Quebec? We have them! e-mail us for your event date now!

Our Clowns (in Quebec) speak French and English.

In the San Diego area...

Sparkles The Clown

She performs face painting, balloon sculpting, puppet show, and so much more!

she also performs a Bubble show - in Clown costume!

Ask about her Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, "Cinderella", "Snow White", Billy Bones the Pirate, and Western-dressed clowns.

In the San Diego area...

Bon-Bon The Clown

She is the Clowns of America International 2004 Clown of the Year!

She performs face painting, magic and twists balloons (for up to 10 children in 1 hour). The birthday child gets 2 each. She can also offer very fast and easy face painting to save time – smiley face, heart, star, ninja turtle tattoos.

During the magic show she "produces" a sticker for each child. At the end of the party each child gets a coloring page of Bon Bon the clown to take home and color.

We also provide bubble shows in San Diego!

Looking for a Clown in El Paso, Texas?

Jessie The Clown

Jessie the Clown offers fun shows in the El Paso, TX and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico area. Expert face painting & balloons, as well as puppet shows!

She performs puppet shows, magic, balloon art, and much more. Jessie provides quality performances. Regardless of the event or ages of the participants, she brings smiles to everyone. She also performs her shows in Spanish, but can speak English fluently, as well.

Looking for a Clown in Miami, FL?

Sparkles The Clown

Habla Español (Spanish).
Face-painting, interactive games, puppets, balloons.

Serves Dade & Broward Counties.

Looking for a Clown in Napa, CA?

Violet The Clown

Interactive! True clowning around makes Violet a very funny Clown. Balloon twisting and MCing are her greatest strengths.

She performs the best meet and greet and walk around ever!

Looking for a Clown in Salem, Oregon?

Jolly Molly

17 years' experience! Music (songs and circle games with guitar), balloon sculptures, "hands-on magic" & face painting.

3-time winner of the "Golden Bootie Award" from Portland Parent Magazine "Best At-Home Party Entertainment".

Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre (with a Music minor). She is a former preschool Teacher.

Looking for a Face Painter in Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA?

Naomi ~

Weather your event is in Portland, or just across the river in Vancouver Washington, Naomi will make your children happy!

She is the official Face Painter for the Vancouver Volcanoes!!

Phone or e-mail us today for prices and availability!

Looking for a Clown in Cleveland, Ohio?

Curlz The Clown

Professionally clowning since 2001! she performs:

  • Ballooning
  • Clownagic (a little bit of magic/slight of hand)
  • Story Telling
  • Games
  • Dances to Songs
  • Customized parties - pirate, princess, etc. (small crafts for children to make)

Her rates start at $175* and go to $250. (e-mail us today for your special rate!)

* Price is dictated by event date, ailability, and skill(s).

We also provide bubble shows in Cleveland!

In Cleveland, OH:

Zap the Wonder Chap

He performs:

  • Ballooning
  • Magic
  • Face Painting
  • Bubble Shows!

His rates start at $195* and go to $275. (e-mail us today for your special rate!) e-mail us for prices and availability!

* Price is dictated by event date, ailability, and skill(s).

Looking for a Clown in/near Chicago, IL?

Photo coming soon Sparkles The Clown

Serving Chigagoland (and West Chicago!) She is not only "child-friendly", but very also entertaining! Performing Balloon sculpting, Face Painting, Games, Magic - and much more!

e-mail us today for availability for your event!

We also provideTwinkles the Classy Clown in Illinois! e-mail us for prices and availability!

We also provide bubble shows in Chicago!

Looking for a Clown in Providence, RI?

Danoe The Clown

Is a white-face (Goose-style) Clown, but VERY child-friendly, and has had numerous Television appearances!

He juggles, makes balloons very quickly - can do balloons at the rate of 30 kids per hour!

"I begin with a pre show, were I include the audience in a fun way, as I set up props. Then I go into juggling - water polo balls off my head, tennis racquets and other objects. I turn an adult into Elvis, a child into a clown. Their are various magic tricks for children. In short, there's plenty of antics, laughs, audience interaction, and music throughout the show!"

Has PA system w/cordless mic.

Starts at $225

Price is dictated by event date, ailability, and skill(s).

We also provide bubble shows in Providence and all areas of Rhode Island!

Looking for a Clown in the Bronx, NY?

Sassafras The Clown

Very child-friendly, the Zaniest Clown in the tri-State New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas!

Celebrate your Child's birthday party, a corporate function, a Bar Mitzvah, Conformation or Babtism or any other fun party with:

  • Lively Dora or Elmo sing-a-long thru puppetry.
  • Fabulous Facepainting
  • Amazing Magic Show
  • Adorable small animal zoo
  • Fun games
  • Bubble show for tots

Also, see The Bubbly Lady in the New York area!

Phone now to book! Or e-mail for your event. 1-888-797-6729.

In the Bronx, NY:

Albert The Clown

Performs magic, face painting, balloons. Graduated Fordham University And Received Professional training From The Academy Of Dramatic Arts.

In a 1-hour clown show, gives a comedy show, improvisational skits, magic tricks, dancing games, face painting, and balloon animals.

He says "I start the show by shaking hands with everybody; now that in itself might not seem so spectacular to you, but, nobody does it the way I do. I add a little twist to it that my uncle joe taught me that the kids and parents just love. then, I do something with the birthday child that makes them feel very special and the parents very proud. Now the real fun begins!"

Call now to book! Or e-mail for your event.

 Clowns in Canada  

Looking for a Clown or Balloonist in Edmonton, Alberta? We feature several, but Debbie is a favourite! With over 15 characters (including a Magician, Holiday Elf, Princess), she can perform them all!

Don't delay - e-mail us today!

Looking for Debbie Levey, Edmonton Clown/Balloonist? We provide her - ask us today for bookings!

We can provide Clowns for as little as $150*, and they can go up to $250, so cantact us for your special rate!

* Price is dictated by event date, ailability, and skill(s).

We also provide bubble shows in Edmonton!

Canadian ClownsLooking for a Clown in Alberta, Canada - or a Canadian Clown in general? We've got them!

  • Toronto
  • Victoria
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg
  • Ottawa
  • Ontario
  • West Coast (Alberta/BC/Manitoba)
  • East Coast/Maritimes (New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/Ontario)

Even Grande Prarie, Fort McMurray and surrounding smaller cities - phone us about your preferred Clown today!

In Vancouver, BC, Canada - featuring...

Mrs Piccaso!

Offering the best in face painting, she also provides glitter tattoos and balloons. She is not only a Clown, but is also a true Artist! She will entertin the children with so much fun!

Looking for a Clown in Vancouver? Ours perform balloon-twisting, face painting, and all kinds of other skills! We have Mrs. Picasso - the popular Balloonist!

Don't delay - e-mail us today!

We also provide bubble shows in Vancouver!

Also in Vancouver –


Do you want balloons? Well, you've got 'em! Balloons everywhere ... and not simply that, but so much more!

Her prices are very reasonable, so phone us today about your special event!

1-888-797-6729 or e-mail us!

In Vancouver, BC –


Looking for Dora the Explorer in Vancouver, BC? We have someone even better- Bertoit! He is a funny looking jungle explorer. He is always on the look out for hidden treasures and adventure! He carries with him his adventure pack filled with magical goodies!

Besides being funny and amusing, he has many tricks up his sleeve. His current adventure begins with him telling a story of how the King of the Land had his golden hanky stolen from him by a Troll. With the help of many volunteer guides, Bertolt sets out to find the Troll and the stolen hanky! Included in Bertolt's adventure:

  • a magically disappearing hanky
  • a secret map that tells the whereabouts of the hidden hanky
  • a beanstalk magically growing out of his mouth!
  • Tightrope walking across a huge chasm! (actually two chairs far apart)

Lots of hilarious interaction with his volunteer guides as they:

  • help him blow up balloons to create animals that will help them on their journey!
  • Take roles in the introductory story (King fo the Land, a Wizard whose magical wand has a mind of its own, and the Troll - complete with balloon horns!)
  • Help him decipher the map to the hidden hanky
  • Guide him through the Danger Danger forest
  • - And many other tricks and surprises!

At the conclusion of Bertolt's adventure Bertolt can stay to offer balloon animals for his audience!

In Prince George, British Columbia (BC) –

Scooter the Clown

Photo coming soon, he is also a Magician! If you're looking for a Magician in Prince George, look no further! Don't delay - e-mail us today for quotes and availability!

In Montréal Quebeç, Canada - featuring...

Tikiti The Clown
He is not only a Clown, but also a Guitarist! Have him provide very special entertainment (also in French/également en Français) for your next party!

He will make you laugh; he will make the kids giggle. As a professional with training, talent, and lots of experience, he is ready for any occasion - whether you are looking for a child-friendly Clown or an "off-the wall" fun Clown, Takiti is your answer!

We also provide bubble shows in Montréal!

Nez Rouge
  • A 45 minutes show accompanied by music and sound effects
  • Ideal for schools, family events and festivals
  • The show is performed in French and English
  • Professional circus artists performing european style clowning as would be seen in any traditional circus
  • Can be presented as a fund raising insentive for schools or hospitals
  • The show runs at a fast tempo with no pauses and the clown gags are broken with two juggling acts, the first being a traditional act and the second, a modern feel with five glow balls being juggled in the dark.
  • The clowning routines have been created for both adults and children in mind. When the audience is mixed, the young lady is replaced by a white face.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada - featuring...


She is not a typical Clown with big floppy shoes and a red nose. Her shows are fun and gentle at the same time. She has been called "sweet, funny, lovely, and a true Professional who can ad-lib with the best".

As a professional with training, talent, and experience in traditional and contemporary mime, she is ready for any occasion - whether you are looking for a "mime" or a clown for kids' birthday parties, festivals or TV commercials, she will bring a smile to her audience!

We also provide bubble shows in Toronto!

In the Niagra Falls area of Ontario, Canada

Soupy the Clown is one of the area's premiere children's performers. Soupy's performance includes music - songs and circle games; balloon sculptures: animals and hats;"hands-on magic" featuring the birthday child or a guest or his/her choice; truly wonderful face painting, and clown gags. Of course! He is best known for his characteristic laugh, keen sense of humour, and amazing patience.

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada –

BuddyLoone-Toon The Cown! Birthday parties are tailored to each audience. The birthday person will receive individual recognition and lots of attention to celebrate their special day. For those shy little people, Cuddles, a puppet and Loonie’s best friend, will often make his appearance. This is a wonderful way to gain a child’s interest in joining in the fun. To create a party with a difference - why not consider having your guests make their very own balloon sculpture, learn a magic trick or juggle?

Interactive stories for birthday parties are specifically written by Loonie. Children delight in being part of the story where they create the actions and sounds to bring the story alive

Phone us or e-mail us now for Loonie's availability for your event!

We also provide bubble shows in Calgary!

In Calgary, Alberta –

BuddyBuddy The Cown has performed thousands of shows across Canada, the USA, and overseas. Buddy has both trained and taught at clown and variety arts schools in the United States. He has been featured at more exhibitions than any clown in Canada, including 8 years in a row at the Calgary Stampede.

Let Buddy's experience work for you! When Buddy is not on the road he is available for birthdays, special events, and school shows in Calgary.

His skills also include juggling, unicycle & rope tricks!

Phone us or e-mail us now for Buddy's availability for your event!

Also in Calgary, Alberta - Miss Loosie The Clown

See the many faces of Miss Loosie! She provides:

  • Face painting
  • Balloons
  • Magic
  • Juggling
  • Storytelling
  • Puppets
  • Old fashioned picnic games & races!

Phone us today for your event! She is guaranteed to make the kids smile!

In Calgary:
Hamlet The Clown

Not only is he a ham - he is an extrordinary performer! He'll have your guests in stitches.

As Hamlet the Clown he's enjoyed a fifteen year career as a professional entertainer. Of the myriad of festivals and special events he's participated in, highlights for him include: Expo ’'86, the Calgary Olympic Festival, the Edmonton Street Performers Festival the Calgary and Edmonton First Night Festivals, the Calgary International Children's Festival and the Calgary Winter Festival.

He has performed in Alberta Schools and has taught workshops in clowning, juggling, and acting.

Phone us or e-mail us now for Hamlet's availability for your event!

We provide Clowns in all Provinces! Ask us about our Clowns in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and the other Maritimes (Labrador and Newfoundland, New Brunswick), and all the way out to the Yukon!

Our clowns are Professional and personable. Their additional talents may include many of the following

  • Juggling
  • Limbo Contests
  • Magic
  • Puppets
  • Songs
  • Stories
  • Unicycle
  • Yo-yo

Ask about our parachute package!

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We provide you with the finest entertainment tailored to meet your specific needs. We can surprise and delight you in even more spectacular ways with the introduction of our chip based lighting technology.

Our repertoir ranges from the hilarious to the elegant , let us enchant and dazzle you as we bring your vision to life.

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Clowns in Edmonton Clowns in San Francisco
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